Venerable Wu Yong Passed Away * 7 One-day Mindful Chanting

Venerable Wu Yong had passed away on October 17 in Taiwan. Since 1999, the Venerable had been travelling from overseas to coach us on Dharma instruments and group chanting. To express our appreciation, starting from October 24, we are holding a series of All-day mindful chanting sessions for a total of seven Saturdays. We are inviting everyone to join us for this event, dedicating all the merits to the Venerable, wishing the Venerable to be reborn into Amituofo’s Pure Land with elevated standing, and to return to the Saha World to help sentient beings soon.


Date: Oct 24th,Oct 31th
Nov 7th, Nov 14th,Nov 21st,Nov 28th
Dec 5th (Conclusion)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA
Tel: (408) 736-3386

Blue lily Lunch will be provided. Please bring your own bowl and eating utensils.
Blue lily Please bring your own black ceremony gown and socks (or shoes suitable for chanting hall.)
Blue lily Please observe “silence” for the entire day.